Bulldog Boosters

Below are businesses in our community that have Backed the Bulldogs in 2015. Together they donated over $4,000 in financial support as well as in kind donations. It is inspiring how much they believe in the youth of their community. Please patronize these businesses and tell ’em Bulldog Basketball School sent ya’.

Greenmount Loan and Jewelry

Jerryn McCray, Architect

Brick Bodies

KFC on 29th Street

Chipotle on St. Paul Street

Mamma Lucia’s on Greenmount and 33rd Street

One Stop Auto Parts Inc

Hermans Discount

SeaWall Development

Miller’s Financial

Lux Nail Spa & Hair Salon

Northeast Variety Mart

Femward Auto Service

The J Spot

Green’s Carryout Inc

The Nesting Bowl

Hair With Class

The Purple Mart

Friendly Fried Chicken

Main Street Hats

The J Spot


Pretty Plz

Greenmount Convenience

Mayflower Buffet

Christine’s Discount


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