the BBS Boosters

Below are businesses in our community that have backed the SCHOOL in 2019- through financial support as well as in kind donations. It is inspiring how much they believe in the youth of their community. Please patronize these businesses and tell ’em Bulldog Basketball School sent ya’.

Greenmount Loan and Jewelry

KFC on 29th Street

Mamma Lucia on 33rd Street

Mezzanine Distributors

Johns Hopkins University & Medicine

Towson University

Pete’s Grille

Hermans Discount

R. House

B. Angel’s Early Learning Center

Abell Improvement Association

Dicks Sporting Goods Organization

Charles Village Community Association

Harwood Community Organization

Giant Food on 33rd

Waverly Ace Hardware

GS Consulting

Nelson Mullins

Window Consultants Inc.

LUX Nail Spa & Hair Salon

Femward Auto Service

Green’s Carryout Inc

Waverly Main Street Hats

Robbie’s First Base

Brick Bodies

Doner Bros.

HomeSlyce- Charles Village

Target of Canton

Canton CarWash

Towson Hot Bagels- Charles Village


Grabba Green Hunt Valley

Supreme Impressions

Sacred House of Roots

Monica’s Dollhouse

Give n’ Grow Basketball

Ballard’s Barber Styles


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