The Summer of 2016 saw our Bulldogs work with the Baltimore Wisdom Project and the 29th Street Community Center to create 29th STREET HOOPS, our community’s first and only 3 on 3 basketball tournament! It was a HUGE success. Great hoops. Great sportsmanship. And a Great day of community togetherness.  It raised over $1200 for the Community! Don’t miss out next year!

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The Summer of 2015 saw the Bulldog Basketball School make great strides. A strong fundraising push allowed the School to provide two full weeks of the summer camp at the 29th Street Community Center as part of 75+ weeks of basketball camp to 35 boys and girls from the Barclay community.

Community partners like Brick Bodies, Barclay Parents and Abell Improvement Association played  big role in supporting our efforts.

This school year we have teamed up with Baltimore Wisdom Project to provide our boys and girls with some Conflict Resolution/Violence Prevention strategies and with Dick’s Sporting Goods Organization to give some incentives for academic achievement! A huge thanks to Gabe Pickus, our Resolution Coach and Bobbie Bardzick from DSGO!

Every Bulldog Season starts at Dicks.
Every Bulldog Season starts at DICK’S.

We also were awarded a Grant from the Urban Children Foundation to help with transportation to our Fall League at Morrell Park Recreation Center.

In the Summer of 2014 the Bulldog Basketball School partnered with Baroody Camps to provide the FIRST basketball camp at the 29th Street Community Center in quite some time!

In 2012 the community backed the Bulldogs and helped upgrade our gym. Here is how DOGTOWN was built.

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